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How Did I Become Goa Escorts?

  • Hi, Guys! This is Sabina Khan an Independent Goa escorts who love to enjoy life to its full extent. My life is a full of excitement, romance and surprise. I enjoy sensual pleasure every day with several men. I have enjoyed with more than five hundred people so far, but I could not forget the first usual encounter, it was so romantic, pleasing and satisfying. I will narrate this story to you guys in detail.

    I Was No Longer a Virgin

    I was a virgin beautiful girl of 19 years until one day I fell in love with one of my classmates. I had a strong crush on him and he capitalizes on my weakness. His name was Raja and he was 4 years elder than me. I liked his cute face, long hair and muscular body. His dressing style and personality impressed me and I used to stare at him during classes.

    Before becoming escorts in Goa, I was completely devoted to her, but could not express my feelings to him. One day he caught me in the library of school and we sat down there on the pretext of book reading. He proposed me and I immediately said yes. I was the happiest person on the earth and I could not describe the feeling of first love being successful. I was one of the few lucky people on the earth who didn’t face heartbreak in their first love. But eventfully I found out that our short relationship was based on his lust. I loved him, but what all he wanted was my body and after getting physical he left me.

    My Boyfriend Dumped Me

    Our one-day relationship started and ended in the school library where he proposed me. After my approval started kissing and hugging me, it was the time of lunch and nobody was watching us. Before I could understand his intention and control myself his hand reached under my panty. I was enjoying his activities, but somewhere deep in my mind, I was feeling guilty as well. I was completely aroused and could not stop him. He made me sleep on the floor of the library and removed my clothes. He sucked my boobs, caressed me and penetrated the private part of my body. It was little painful, but the overall experience was quite awesome. It was my first experience and I completely enjoyed it.

    After that day, Raja completely ignored me. I talked to him, but he showed no interest and even compared me to Independent Goa escorts. I was not one then, he made me one and was not running away from the responsibility. On that day I learnt the most important lesson of my life and never engaged into any serious relationship in my life. I had with several boys after that, but it was not a relationship but a business.

    I joined Goa escorts services and started to earn money with enjoyment. Today I have hundreds of loyal customers and lovers who like me and respect my emotions.

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  • Posted on : 04/7/2016


Tue 11 Oct 2016

Sabina number of girls having these types of bad experiences but the way you chosen is your concept enjoy your self on your own decisions

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